Exciting the fans of the ‘jogo bonito’
YouTube - Google MENA

The purpose of the ‘Think World Cup’ event, for Google in the MENA region, was to leverage the raw power of YouTube to create brand awareness surrounding the opportunities for brands and marketers at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Fundamentally, it was designed to show them just how perfect YouTube and The World Cup are for each other. A football match made in heaven!

Leveraging insights and knowledge provided by Google, in relation to the largest event in the world, was imperative, but the mandate to create a fun, relatable, and unforgettable event brand was just as important, if not more.

We were tasked with creating and implementing a Brand for this very important event (it was the first entirely physical event in many months.) The goal was to gather advertisers, marketers, brand decision-makers, and VIPs together to show off the power of YouTube content creativity when paired with the power of the World Cup in Qatar.

That’s why we decided to design a simple, useful expression for the event that told the story of the power of football mixed with the power of moving images and words.

We did an array of applications (speaker keynotes, swag, badges, animations, touchpoints) and collaborated with a major event company in Dubai so the content would be displayed in the best possible way.

The end result, a hybrid event, caught the attention of fans and stockholders the world over. Like The World Cup itself, it was an event not to be missed!