Adding GR8 to H2O!

EIRA is a premier still and sparkling water brand from Norway that wanted a sexy brand makeover for the global marketplace.  They were ready to take it to the big time and knew they needed solid branding to match.

Ultimately, we delivered a total marketing package that broadcasts the strength of EIRA’s product, its luxury branding and ideals. A new era of EIRA has begun!

The folks at EIRA were seeking to elevate their brand through new keynotes, sales materials, and a dedicated website that absolutely radiated the quality of their water and their brand. The dream was to spread the message of the pure, simple luxury of the best water in the world.

We created a brand system that enables them to put out well-crafted, tasteful materials that allow the luxury of EIRA to speak directly to its customers.  More importantly, we created their bitchin’ new website! A website that communicates the strength and uniqueness of their water to a global marketplace.