Working During Ramadan – 7 Tips For Your Business

Ramadan is almost here! Is your business ready?


Because La Mesa is an online creative branding agency based in Dubai, Ramadan is an exciting month for us, and one that we know (firsthand) doesn’t have to slow down your business. 


There are also many avenues you can take to create a truly memorable experience for your staff and customers while they’re alternating between feast and famine. If we know anything about working during Ramadan, it’s this: The coming month is filled with equal parts hardship and happiness, so why not appreciate the difficulty and embrace the goodness?

Here are a few ways your business can observe and celebrate Ramadan:

  • Start Earlier/Finish Later

Prepare for Ramadan early to create a more memorable experience. You could even consider extending your celebrations after Eid, and bringing an already special time more importance and resonance.

  • Adjust Your Hours. 

Consider pushing your business hours of operation to earlier in the day, so that you can also cease operations earlier. This will maintain your business, while also letting your Muslim employees feel seen and appreciated, and give everyone time with their families. This also follows directly into the next tip…

  • Accommodate Your Muslim Employees

If you work onsite, consider allowing your employees to work from home for the month. If you have a remote business, expect plans to change from time to time, depending on how the month is going. Either way, flexible work hours and locations are a great way to appreciate Ramadan, and allow your staff to do the same.

  • Offer Iftar Meals

Many employers have started offering Iftar meals to their employees and customers, though some prefer Suhoors. You might also consider setting aside a prayer room. These acts can go a long way in building goodwill, as well as involving yourself in your community. 


If your employees work from home, you could even consider hosting a virtual Iftar and asking your staff if they’d like to share some of their experiences and traditions. 

  • Be Respectful

Unintrusive, thoughtful scheduling, as well as setting reasonable deadlines, will go a long way toward maintaining and growing your current business. Ramadan is a great time to learn about the unique traditions of your staff and community.

  • Get Yourself Involved

This month is a great time to get your business involved in the community and festivities. Visit cultural centers and involve yourself locally. Take part in some evening meals and get your business in on the fun! 

  • Get Social!

Extend greetings of the season during Ramadan with themed social media posts, as well as gifts for staff and clients. However, remember to get your discounts and promotions published early in the month so people have something to look forward to for Eid.


Ramadan is an important experience for Muslims the world over (that doesn’t have to negatively affect your business.) With so many people committed, united in spirit and of one mind; the month has potential to benefit your business in surprising ways, especially if you take the changes in stride. 


And, for branding and design agencies in Dubai, there’s no reason you shouldn’t thrive. 

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