What Do You Do With Mother’s Day?

It’s that time of year again! The time to celebrate the hardworking, loving mothers in our lives. 


Mother’s Day is almost here (in case your mother hasn’t already reminded you), and with it come many opportunities to show how much you care. For all the mothers who’ve impacted your life, this is the day to remind them that their tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed.


Cards and flowers and hugs and dinner are a must, for sure, but how do you celebrate Mother’s Day at your firm? Say, for instance, you’re a creative branding company in Dubai. You aren’t necessarily what is considered a prime candidate for such festivities, but you want to appreciate and capitalize on the holiday nonetheless. 


Well, lucky you! You just so happen to be the best design agency in the UAE, and you’re built specifically for times like these. So, instead of the traditional flowers and hugs, why don’t you celebrate Mother’s Day in your own unique way?

Here are some great ways for your firm to make mothers everywhere feel appreciated and loved on their special day:


  • Create a Heartfelt Video

Some mothers are far away from their children and, especially now, feeling the distance. A thoughtful video presentation from your agency will go a long way in helping mothers feel the love, while also growing feelings of appreciation for your efforts. You could record members of your staff telling stories about the mothers who have impacted their lives. Or create a slideshow of your staff’s mothers. Certainly, there are ulterior motives, and driving sales should never be far from your mind, but there is never a bad reason to show mothers they are in your thoughts.

  • Offer a Special Discount

Offering discounts on your services is always a great way to attract potential customers, but it can take on an extra meaning here. While appreciating the women who birthed and cared for us can (and should) be a year ‘round experience, a timely, celebratory discount will go a long way in showing customers that your company is committed to real life events and people.

  • Donate to a Charity

Being a mother is no easy task. And, for every mother who has a caring safety net of support around her, there is another mother who is struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. That’s why donating a portion of your proceeds or time to a great charity that supports mothers in need is a great way to positively impact your world, while also enhancing your brand’s reputation and social responsibility.

  • Host a Virtual Event

Bring together your team, friends and clients for a virtual event centered around Mother’s Day. You could do anything from a cooking class to yoga to a painting session. As long as you’re engaging with the team and members of your community in celebration of things mothers would enjoy, you’re doing great work. You’re also attracting positive attention to your business.

  • Create a Social Media Campaign 

It can be as simple as a “caption this” Instagram post with a heartwarming picture of motherhood. You could run a contest or giveaway. You could simply include hashtags like #HappyMothersDay, #ThankYouMom or #MothersDay2023. Whatever you choose, changing up your social media calendar is fun and only as complicated as you want it to be. 


If you’re a marketing and design firm, it’s already your job to get creative. So why not  leverage some of that relentless creativity into your Mother’s Day celebration? We know for certain that someone out there will be positively impacted by the decisions you make during this time. 


For this most heartfelt of holidays, a time to reflect upon the mothers in your life who have made a difference in your life, who’ve made you everything you are today, this simple act of acknowledgment can make a world of difference.


Happy Mother’s Day from La Mesa!

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