The Rise of Abstraction in Logo Design: Impactful Creativity Unleashed

How would you feel about your logo design skipping over logic and going straight for memorable?


Abstract art is a far more recent development in creativity than classical styles, especially in the west. Unlike traditional approaches to visual art which are strongly rooted in their connection to tangible things like rules of perspective and form, abstract art chooses to escape convention of imagery and pretty much do whatever the hell it wants. Abstract art actively pushes back on age-old formal conventions and attempts to inspire the emotional core of your mind. 


Take the massive, glorious works of Mark Rothko as your case-in-point. Their sole purpose is to elicit an emotional response from the viewer and, if you’ve ever seen one in person, you know just how successful they are in making you feel something. 


If you’re in the right mood, this total separation from assumption is the fun of it all.


What’s more, the abstract approach is trending in logo design, and it’s something you should look into! 


Companies are allowing their logos to drift into the unpredictable and embrace the unconventional, and the results are speaking for themselves. 


Abstract design can convey a uniqueness and class that simply can’t be conveyed utilizing traditional iconography and typography. Case in point: Gucci. One of the most well-known brands in the world for elegance and sophistication, their abstract design is at once recognizable as theirs, and visually appealing enough to hold your attention long enough to make an impression. 


Abstract logos intentionally lack a specific, recognizable shape or image, and this creative choice to create a visual that feels new and exciting is the whole point. Your abstract logo is wholly and completely you!

If you’re in tech, you probably see this logo and mumble, “oh shit, what now?” And that instant recognizability is the beauty of Slack’s simple logo evolution. They intentionally simplified their original logo, while retaining its unique personality and sense of shared experience and work. 


And, if we could just toot our own horn for a moment….


The World Class Scholars logo (one of ours) is an expression of the togetherness that great education should inspire. It speaks to the shared experience of quality global learning, and it’s pretty to boot!


Abstract logo design requires a large amount of artistry and ingenuity, as well as a keen eye for message and an understanding of a company’s mission. 


To create a truly unique, eye-catching abstract logo design, it’s important to adhere to these rules….

  • Understand The Brand And Research Research Research

Before approaching the design phase, you’ve gotta know what the brand is all about, and where they want to go. Knowing the core essence of a brand will give you the information required to create a unique visual identity for it. Studying trends and popular color schemes will also help you craft a logo that sticks the landing.

  • Simplify

Abstract logos rely heavily on simplicity to convey a powerful message. Finding the right simplification for your logo requires extensive sketching and experimentation. You’ll know when you get close, and feedback will get you there. 

  • Think Versatile

The best abstract logos work with any background color or shade. A great logo isn’t limited to rigid sets of rules when it comes to presentation, and is able to work in just about any iteration. Test your logo design out in various applications to see its readability across platforms. 

  • Don’t Overcomplicate 

When designing an abstract logo, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to cram as much information into a small space as possible, which lends itself to design work that can feel cluttered or, worse, ugly. Avoiding clutter that might dilute the message is key here.

  • Is Your Logo Yours?

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, and the same can be said regarding logos. Intellectual property is a stick business and one you’d better do your homework on. The last thing your brand new logo needs is a brand new lawsuit because you didn’t notice how similar it is to an already existing brand design. 


There’s never been a better time to get in on abstract logo design. It’s trendy, creative and can yield results that are uniquely you. If you’re a designer, this is a craft to hone. It’s more artistic than many of the other facets of your job, and more rewarding as well. If you’re a company looking to create a singularly unique logo, then maybe it’s time to reach out to your favorite branding agency in Dubai and start pushing the limits of your potential.




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