Our Perspective on Unusual Client Questions

As a design firm specializing in branding, you must answer client questions, even if they’re unusual. Client questions ensure that both parties agree on the end goal and that the finished product satisfies their needs. As an online design and marketing firm based in Dubai, you’ll receive tough questions, so prepare to answer them. To provide positive action to strange feedback, follow up and prompt to get to the answers your clients are looking for. Take odd client questions seriously, even if you don’t understand them at first. Here are few common questions you might encounter, how to answer them, and what they mean:

– “Can we make the logo bigger?” Reserve your judgment and provide alternatives. Gently point clients toward helpful resources so that they can get the answers they desire free of embarrassment.
– “I want to add my favorite color.” Get as many questions answered as possible from the outset. Begin and end on the same page to avoid unrealistic expectations and make sure expected results for deliverables are reasonable.
– “Can I have this in 48 hours?” Present clients with the clearest possible timeline of events and when to expect deliverables to avoid unrealistic expectations. Avoid industry jargon when describing the timeline.
– “Can you make the logo pop more?” Decidedly vague questions can be gently coaxed into clearer intentions if you approach them respectfully.
– “Can you provide free services? I’m on a tight budget.” Offering a tiered approach might just be the answer they’re looking for. Be very clear about what they’ll receive should they choose one of your lesser options.

Approach unusual client questions and requests with professionalism and open-mindedness, understanding that it’s all part of the job. Educate your clients while you work your magic. Even difficult clients can get better.

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