The Consumer Holidays: Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What’s your favorite holiday? 

Most holidays are about people’s faith in the deity of their choosing, or related to important cultural or historical events. They’re something to look forward to. An excuse to gather with family and friends. And we all have a favorite one. 

Well, consumer culture is a nearly global religion too, and all are welcome in its church of big bucks…. provided they have some extra cash in their pockets.

And, if consumer culture is a global religion (cult?), then Black Friday is its holiday!

Also, if you’re a business, then Black Friday might be one of the most important days in your calendar. This is your chance to get your name all the way out there, make some good money, and promote your company in unique and fun ways. 

Here are 5 ways your business can prepare for Black Friday, and Cyber Monday too!

  • Promote, promote, promote!

Make your products too good to pass up! Create Black Friday deals unique to your business. Set yourself apart with some amazing package discounts, or even a giveaway or two! This is the time of year for you to drop your very best bargains, the ones you’ve been sitting on, waiting for the right time to show off. It’s time to reveal the products that keep customers coming back all year ‘round, and you can do it in style!

  • Email

Retain your current customers with an email campaign, and start it early (like, October.)

Bait your hook by hinting at coming sales, and keep those teasing emails coming! You can benefit greatly by finding ways to personalize your campaign to your clients, since their inboxes will be bombarded with promotional materials this time of year, most of which they’ll probably delete. So make those emails attractive and catchy and attention-getting.

Email campaigns are still one of the best ways to keep your clients primed for what’s coming and, when the deals are ready, let them know the time is now!

  •  Be there for them

When it comes to encouraging customer loyalty, you’ve gotta pay attention. If a customer is having issues completing their order, help ‘em out! If they simply have questions about your product, well, you’ve got the answers, so why not make the time?

The customer may not “always be right,” as the old adage goes, but they also shouldn’t be ignored. You’re in the middle of, perhaps, your busiest weekend of the year, but that doesn’t mean you should simply toss out a boilerplate “we’re experiencing higher than usual call times” when the going gets tough.

Customers see your attentive service and raise you their returning business. 

  •  Fulfillment

If you’re offering a physical product, make sure your most popular items are in stock and ready to go. You may also benefit from bringing on some holiday help for the coming busy business time, especially if your product requires packaging and mailing. Many of your customers will be needing their purchases within a limited time frame. Make sure your online store is ready for more people, and that troubleshooting has been carried out in advance.

  •  What to discount?

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, don’t just discount your most popular products and services! Take a look at your sales from the previous months, and respond accordingly to the trends you see. Has one of your products been selling unexpectedly well? Consider including it in your discount packages. It’s important to adjust your business according to new trends, and not grow complacent in your expectations.

BFCM has become a global phenomenon, and one of the busiest weekends in consumer culture. The two days have also become big business for companies who specialize in goods and services. No matter the size of your business, now is the time to engage with your customers, bring in new ones, and really sink your teeth into the busy weekend, rather than shy away from it.

Plan ahead, and think it through! 

Craft a plan that works best for you and your company. You know your clientele and what they like. You also know how to best reach them and bring them into your business. Now is the time to be bolder than usual and get the attention of as many people as possible.

The key takeaway here is that BFCM is coming, and it’s a holiday where you can really shine! So get ready to sink your teeth into it and make it work for your business in all the best ways!

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