Storytelling VS Storyselling

We all loved those nights as a kid where you’re snuggled in bed waiting for a good storytelling session before you fall asleep with the words of the story echoing in your dreams.
Do you remember the feeling these nights gave you?
What about some book names or authors…Can you remember any right now?
Us? We can barely name 3.
Some stories give you thoughts to dream about… but the stories that have you “sold” are the ones told when you were feeling down, needed a good laugh, or for some inspiration. Those stories are the ones that make you feel something. These stories are the ones that could give you thoughts to think of until today.

Storytelling is amazing to intrigue whoever is listening to you at the moment… But if you want to influence them, you gotta sell that story or start “storyselling” it.

As Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And that quote my friends is one quote that we live by in this industry. Everything you do should leave an impression. In this field, it’s not a simple math or science equation… we are dealing with humans, people, interactions. You have a story to tell and you want them to listen, you gotta go beyond just having them hear you.
You have to make the impact, get into their heads, and influence their hearts.
That story you have, you sell the frick out of it.

Use Your Message to reach your clients:
You have an awesome business and it’s going great. You tell your customers that and they won’t give a crap.

In 2022, there’s a ton load of awesome businesses out there waiting for their big break. They are well- equipped and awesome too, if not better.
What you want to do is make your customers think of WHY they should care if you’re awesome too, what are you going to offer with that awesomeness.
That’s where your company/business’s message comes into play.

Indeed, your message carries everything you need to grab your clients’ attention and retain it. Your message reflects how to want your customers to feel. It reflects others using what you offer, it reflects the aftermath of that interaction, it reflects some sort of experience or emotion you want your customers to go through… that’s what you have to use to reach your customers.

Are you ordering or influencing?

Now that you know what to use to reach your customers, you should try looking at how you are doing so.

Ask yourself, are you ordering or are you influencing your customers to choose you?

If your messages sound like a salesman knocking on your door telling you about their team and their own experience, then it’s a no-go. Think about it, having someone come up to you and tell you that they will help you get the best brand logo, identity, and vision in the industry with their 15 years of experience… I mean it sounds like what every salesman would say. What makes me sure that they can do that better than the other company who has 17 years of experience but will also help me “get the best logo, identity, and vision in the industry”?

I don’t know about you but it sounds like they need me to choose them, more than I need them. They are telling me to choose them.
They are telling their story, but they aren’t selling it.

So, if your messages are more on the cocky side and you feel like you are just stating your best aspects without a message or an experience for your customers to look forward to…then try again.

Look for a more genuine approach that puts your customers’ interest first.

If you find yourself evoking some type of emotion in your clients (that is not anger and frustration because you won’t leave them alone) then ur on the right track.

Mini checklist to shape your message:

We’ve come up with a mini-guide to help you influence with your brand.

Your message needs to touch on 3 things:

1- The customer’s journey

2- The customer’s challenges

3- The customer’s goals

Your message needs to evoke some type of emotion regarding these 3 things…alongside your expertise (you can’t promise someone the moon without a space suit).

Point is, people don’t give a shit if you have 60 years of experience if you’re not giving them a reason to care about it.

Use your brand to shape your story and then start storyselling.

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Think of customers as those kids snuggled in bed waiting for a good story that they will remember in 15 years.

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