Tech Solutions United

MAGNOOS, a combination of “magnet” and “noos” (Greek for “mind”), is a Software Value Added Reseller and Tech Implementation company serving the Middle East and Africa. Experts in everything from Data Management to Automation, MAGNOOS’ team of over 100 fantastical pros have been helping companies implement cutting-edge technologies and business solutions for any situation since 2012.

To better communicate their range of abilities, talents and services to the world, MAGNOOS needed a new logo and brand guidelines to match! They had to look as amazing as they actually were.

We created their new logo inspired by the building blocks of great computing: coding. Transforming the first letter of their name into dynamic graphic shapes, and connecting these shapes in the same way MAGNOOS brings great minds together, La Mesa united the MAGNOOS brand under the banner of the very ideals they hold dear. Then we further illustrated the unity MAGNOOS brings by bringing in a font that emphasizes connectivity. We also provided them with Brand Guidelines and Strategy, rebuilding their image for web, social and promotional materials. 

In totally revamping their branding, and proudly displaying their ability to connect great minds and innovate the modern workspace, La Mesa empowered MAGNOOS reach a larger audience, bring in new business and, true to their namesake, bring great minds together.