Data Insights For Everybody

MAGDIA empowers businesses through AI-infused decision making in every facet of their organization. They supercharge the tools businesses use every day, with innovative Intelligent Cards and a powerful Automation Co-Pilot, to instantly extract the data they need when they need it. This is powerful stuff that instantly simplifies operations and provides valuable insights across platforms.

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if your presentation isn’t pulling in business, and MAGDIA was ready to bring in the high rollers. As an offshoot of a larger organization, they knew it was time to step out from behind the shadow and clearly let the world know they had arrived. 

To accomplish this task, we completely rebuilt their brand identity, starting with the logo. As with everything we do, La Mesa incorporated storytelling into the entire process. Beginning with a cube that has three visible sides, signifying MAGDIA’s triple threat of Intelligent Cards, AI-infused decision making and the Automation Co-Pilot, we merged the cube into the M from their name. Then we paired it with a powerful font that emphasized connectivity.


In addition to the logo and brand guidelines, La Mesa also designed MAGDIA’s website, from graphics to content, letting the world know they were ready for the big leagues.

By rebranding their logo and entire website, we effectively helped present the new MAGDIA to the world.