Arabic bookstore to the world!
Bissan Bookshop

One of the best bookshops in Beirut. Bissan began as a great idea in 1978, and grew to become one of the most well-regarded sellers in the Arab world. Since their founding, Bissan has also become a thriving publishing house, boasting over 700 titles.

Bissan came to us desiring a brand and logo uplift. They felt it was time for their public image to be the best reflection of their success as a world-class bookseller. They wanted their logo to remain similar to its previous iteration, but better, stronger and more versatile. So they called in the pros.

We sorted out Bissan’s logo woes! Cleaning up their previous image by eliminating inconsistencies within the line work, while also making images more aesthetically pleasing. We arranged their new color scheme to reflect their business and be consistent across channels. We also cleaned up the Arabic text and formalized it across all channels.

We combined art and math and created a logo that speaks to the beauty of a great bookstore.