By women for everyone!

Muver is a women-run and operated business based in Panama. They’re a transportation-as-service business staffed entirely by women with the goal of contributing to the women-driven economy in the country. A great business model with an even greater impact.

Muver was in need of a brand remodel, as well as new brand guidelines and a solidified value proposition. Their brand needed a serious uplift to be the best representation of their business.

La Mesa went big here. We embedded ourselves in Muver’s day-to-day operations in order to clearly understand their goals, desires and action plans. In essence, we co-created their new brand facelift and product direction, while refining their vision. Working together, we aligned and defined what works best for their business, kickstarting their execution, while building up their brand identity. We developed their marketing strategy, modernized their color scheme, redesigned their logo and worked on everything that falls under their brand architecture.

Muver is a prime example of what La Mesa is capable of. We work with brands, beginning wherever their beginning might be, and help transform them into something sustainable, profitable and successful.