Painting Dubai Pink: La Mesa’s Commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As another Pink October arrives, we’re here to remind you that your brand can make a difference.


We’ve all known someone who’s been affected by the pain of breast cancer, so let’s use our brands, and our influence, for good! 


1 in 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. And, every 2 minutes, another woman is diagnosed. Even more concerning, a woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes. It’s the most common cancer among women worldwide.


And it deserves more attention paid toward prevention, treatment, recovery and understanding than one month out of the year.


That’s why leaving behind the standard blatant self promotion required to attract business in this day and age, and focusing our attention on a cause that affects us all, is so important. Working for empathy for those afflicted, and for a cure, is and always has been, the best thing we can do. 


Here are some ways we can promote Breast Cancer Awareness October, and our commitment to honoring and celebrating this most important cause. 

  • Pink It Up

We begin with the defining color of the month. A temporary brand transformation from your chosen color scheme into a sea of pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month calls attention to this important cause, while also serving as a visual reminder to our clients, partners, and employees of its importance.

  • Sharing Information

Specifically, sharing prevention information allows brands to interact with those who may need it most, and increases awareness of valuable information within your circle. We’re using social media in this regard, due to its ability to reach a large group of people directly and even have a conversation, but you can also share important breast cancer prevention information via email or on your website directly. 

  • Help Victims and Their Families

Organizing drives and giveaways that contribute to charities, or even directly with those who’ve been affected by breast cancer, is a great way to observe Pinktober. Whether it’s through financial contributions or volunteering time and skills, these collaborations not only benefit the cause but also help forge valuable relationships with like-minded organizations.

  • In Your Company

Encouraging your employees to freely express their solidarity by wearing a pink ribbon all month, especially during times when you know you’ll be seen by your people, gives them the opportunity to share testimonials and experiences. It’s important to let your staff know they have the freedom to share their stories, no matter how personal. 


Spreading information and awareness saves lives. You don’t have to keep it heavy or sad, but getting involved during Pink October, even in small ways, can go a long way. As a Branding Company based in Dubai, we want to stress that your audience may be larger than even you think it is. And, in a city this large and thriving, using your platform to spread knowledge and hope is of utmost importance. Just take a look at downtown Dubai, and the Burj Khalifa, on October 15th and try to tell us we’re wrong. 


Therefore, we believe that, by using our soapbox and resources, we can contribute to raising awareness, providing support and ultimately finding a cure for breast cancer. 


So join us in embracing Pink October and making a positive impact on this important cause. Together, we can make a difference.

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