Feedback, Loyalty, and Growth: The Benefits of Focusing on Enthusiastic Customers

Crafting a winning customer experience formula can and should be your goal at all times!


Because it’s no secret that returning, enthusiastic customers keep your business alive. You’ve probably heard rumblings of the 80:20 rule, the generally accepted principle that says 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Well, that 20% is made up of your faithful, enthusiastic fan base. The ones who’ve been with you through thick and thin because they love what you do for them. They love your product and your customer service. Dammit, they just love you!


Your most enthusiastic clients are a community of devotees, a reliable source of income, morale boosters, and your biggest brand advocates all in one. They’re more likely to make repeat purchases and are often willing to invest in your higher-tier products or services. Their presence reduces your marketing cost over time as well. Your enthusiastic customers have lifetime value!


And it’s important to remember that keeping your most enthusiastic customers top of mind requires a very different approach to the one you would take when hunting down new clients. An approach filled with nuance and attention to individual need and detail, rather than the blanket sellability that comes with the typical marketing tact required to hook new business. 


So let’s explore ways to make sure your enthusiastic customers stay that way….


  • Get Personal

Your returning customers, your cheerleaders, deserve and likely expect a little more personalized attention than a new client would. Sending customized emails, offers, and recommendations based on your past interactions and jobs will remind them why they got into business with you in the first place. 


There’s a very good reason that businesses are putting customer service, in all its facets, at the top of their “must do” list. Because it works, and it’s five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one happy. 


  • Exclusive Perks

Let your most enthusiastic customers know just how special they are to you through unique offers, discounts and other rewards that fit their needs. The fact is, their existence and returning business is saving you money in the long run, as you don’t have to blow your marketing budget to keep them, nor do they require the exploratory, getting to know you phase. 


Additionally, their positive word-of-mouth can significantly impact your business’s reputation and lead to new customer acquisition.


  • Engage Online

Directly reaching out to your most enthusiastic customers on social media platforms lets them know you’re available and helps them feel seen. Sharing their content and responding to their posts also helps create a sense of community surrounding your brand, and theirs!


Reminding your returning clients that you’ve got their backs for all to see is encouraging for everyone. And who doesn’t love feeling encouraged, supported and included?


  • Act on Feedback

Customer feedback, especially when it comes from your best returning clients, is not something to be taken lightly. It’ll help you identify areas of improvement and keep you aligned with the needs that matter most to them. 


And constantly soliciting feedback will show your enthusiastic clients that you not only care about their opinions, but are actively listening. Great customer service is an ever-changing process, especially for a growing brand, and your openness to feedback will mean a great deal to your best clients. 


  • Real Problem Solving

Identifying real-world issues facing your clients, and discovering ways to solve them, reminds your returning customers that you’re thinking about them. 


As an online branding agency in Dubai, we’ve encountered many companies just starting out who are unsure how to create a strong brand identity. This is a problem we were born to solve, and our ability to excel in this area has brought us many of our best returning clients. 


Once you’ve identified who your truly enthusiastic clients are, focusing your company on the goal of solving their problems becomes an amazing way to keep them coming back for years to come. 


However you wish to do it, keeping your most valuable clients coming back is one of the core building blocks in strengthening your successful brand. Celebrate their successes. Build relationships. Be consistently your best self for your best customers because their advocacy, loyalty and feedback can significantly expand the success of your business. 

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