Does your brand have what it takes?

One of the fastest growing cities in the world can be a hard place to get seen. And getting lost in the shuffle of a rapidly expanding economy can be equally challenging. New skyscrapers reach higher and higher, as if challenging the heavens to come down and touch them. Industry thrives in the Arabian Gulf and through the online air at an unbelievable pace. In this hot, arid climate, a massive city pushes the limits of human ingenuity. 


Are you ready for Dubai? Well, La Mesa is an online creative agency in the UAE, and we can attest that this city is the place to start your business, especially if you’ve got the drive and desire to see rapid growth. It’s a bustling melting pot of 3.5 million people, hundreds of cultures  and the trading hub of the Emirates. And it’s getting bigger every day! 


To become known and succeed here, your brand is going to really have to stand out. 


Your business, right from the beginning, has to set itself apart in a land where every industry faces ever-growing competition. You not only have to be unique, you have to be noticeable. With a great branding strategy, you’ll be able to differentiate your business from competitors and create a unique identity that resonates with your customers.

As a creative branding agency in Dubai, we know the importance of standing out from the crowd from the very beginning. Branding is the start of everything for a new business. It’s the foundation upon which your company is built. And, as any architect knows, everything hinges on that strong foundation. 


Your brand is your name, face and personality. It’s what attracts new customers and retains existing ones. In a city like Dubai, with its incredible array of markets and venues, your strong foundation is more than just important, it’s absolutely essential. 


So let’s explore ways unique branding can make your Dubai-based business stand out from the crowd, beginning at the beginning…

  • First define yourself

Before you can start down the branding path, you’ve gotta really know your brand. Potential customers are more likely to connect and stick with you if you’ve got a solid, unique brand identity. What’s your selling position? Who is your target audience? What’s your brand personality? And, once you have your brand clearly defined, you’ll have clearer objectives. You’ll begin to see ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Get recognizable

To stand out in a rapidly growing market, and the vast metropolis that is Dubai, your brand will need to make an impression. A strong visual identity is designed to stick in people’s minds. It must be visually appealing and consistent across various channels. A great logo communicates everything your brand stands for. Take the Emirates logo as an example. Gorgeously simple, unapologetically of its region and brilliantly red. It radiates confidence and luxury through its sheer simplicity. And, while your brand may not have the reputation of Emirates Airlines (yet), you can and should be striving to be just as recognizable. 

  • Get Local

Dubai is a city of communities, all with rich, deep histories. There is also a great deal of hometown pride for those who live and work here. Therefore, incorporating elements of this globally known locale and culture into your branding approach can be to your benefit. Getting to know your customers, and clearly communicating with them can also get your brand plenty of traction and staying power. Additionally, pulling in a group of loyal, local, discerning clients will increase your community outreach and provide a safety buffer should you choose to pursue international markets. 


Branding with local flavor will also set you apart from international competitors.

  • Be Memorable

In a city always at the cutting edge of global technological innovation, your brand has no excuse but to surf the Dubai wave. This means utilizing new and unique approaches to branding such as digital interactivity and augmented reality. Encourage ideation among your staff. Share your unique vision for your brand with your customers. This will not only present you as an innovator, it will also, due to your transparency, put your customers and potentials in a great position to build trust.

  • Connect

A solidified, unique brand has the power to reach wider audiences and, in a city as large as Dubai, your potential audience is as wide as they get. In Dubai, your consumer knows what they need and they’re expecting star treatment for their time and money. If your brand image is attractive and solidified, potential clients will take notice and return with more frequency. Your great reputation begins with your brand, but is solidified by your ability to back up its promises. 


Proper branding is important to all businesses but, in Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, that importance is magnified tenfold. The strength and innovation of a company’s branding approach contributes greatly to either success or failure. While the two aren’t mutually exclusive, a fantastic approach to branding frequently leads to benefit.


If you want your business to thrive and your brand to shine, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this task, seek out one of the leading online creative branding agencies in Dubai. You can make it here, but you’re going to have to strive for excellence full time.

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