Designing Websites That Convert: A Journey of Creativity and Conversions

Your goal is their hearts and minds (and wallets.) 


You want them to take one look at all your cool stuff and say, “Yum yum gimme some!” You want to turn looking into buying in short order with your brilliantly kickass web designs. You want conversions.


So, let’s face facts….


Your product may be great. Your service might even be a god-level brilliant gift for all of humanity. You’ve discovered time travel and ancient aliens! 


But, if your website stinks, then nobody’s ever gonna know about it, let alone input information or purchase your services. 


So, aside from the no-brainer: hiring your favorite online design firm in Dubai to take on the task of building your amazing website and getting you those conversions you’re lusting after, here are some ways you can start down that path yourself….


  • Begin your journey as any painter does: in front of a blank canvas. What is your color palette? Do they coordinate? What is your font of choice? Is it fashionable and legible? Scour the internet for your favorite designs and colors and fonts. Learn the art of harmonizing these elements to create a symphony that resonates with your audience. Web design is an art of commerce, and there’s always a sweet spot.


You’ve just gotta find it (or get us to do it for you.) 


  • You already know what UX is, even if you don’t think you do. A great online user experience is intuitive and fun. It’s what makes a good website great, and you can always intuitively tell when one works and one doesn’t.  But a great website requires mapping, plotting and scheming. It requires the ability to seemingly effortlessly guide the eye, hand and heart to a desired location. Great UX design isn’t just visual, it’s emotional and logical too.


Trust us. We do this for a living.


  • Next, you’re gonna want a great call to action (or CTA) to get those fingers clicking and conversions converting! It can be as simple as Domino’s Pizza’s “Delivery or carryout” or as flowery and profound as Slack’s “Now is your moment to build a better tomorrow,” but its intent should always be the same: to inspire movement in the reader. Craft CTAs that compel, entice, and lead visitors to take that coveted leap into the realm of conversion. You’ll be glad you did. 


  • Next, you’re gonna want a short, sweet headline. The best ones are deceptively simple, so furious editing and workshopping is a must here, because the goal of your headline is to sit atop your site and define you in a few great words. Your headline is the hook that keeps them scrolling, so overthink it, but don’t make it look like you were overthinking it. 




  • If your website looks great on a laptop, it needs to look equally great on an iphone. Cross-platform peak performance is essential, especially nowadays when so much business is conducted on tiny little screens on the way to or from something, or in that spare moment between those somethings. Many consumer-level site builders (like Wix and give you the option of seeing your build on mobile. Take advantage of that!


  • Make it fast! The chance of a potential client or conversion decreases by 32% if your website loading time gots from one to three seconds. Google said that! They know! Visitors to your site, like most people, have a rapidly shortening attention span. And, just like life itself, they’re here for a good time, not a long time. So make sure your server is speedy and your site is performance optimized.


Not sure how to do that? La Mesa knows!


  • People tend to trust other people, for better or worse, so collecting and posting some glowing reviews from past customers can go a long way toward future conversions. Show off a bit! You know you do good work, but your potential customers may not… yet. 


  • Last but not least, be open to change! Once your website is set up, successful and creating conversions, the job doesn’t just stop. Great web design requires constant attention and upkeep. Trends shift. Markets change. Client bases fluctuate. So staying on top of these shifts is as important as creating your website was when you started. A great website, like a painting, is never truly finished. But, in your case, going back to the museum to tinker with it is a good idea.


Remember that designing a website with the power to create conversions is an ongoing process. An adventure, if you will. Getting the conversions you crave requires time, patience, research and a bit of trial and error… or a partnership with the best design firm in Dubai.


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