Designing Success: Embracing Multigenerational Talents in Your Design Firm

Don’t be ageist! Here’s why….


Generational variety in your design firm staff can give you an edge.


In today’s diverse workforce, why not harness the power of age variety? Your employees may range in age from baby boomers to millennials to Gen Z, and you’re all the better for it. Taking advantage of a range of age, experience and perspective among your staff can enhance creativity, problem-solving and improve productivity.


So let’s take a look at how your design firm can benefit from generational diversity….

  • Collaborate and Communicate

How we interact with each other and communicate can vary greatly from generation to generation. Where Gen X might prefer face-to-face interaction, millennials and Gen Z tend to lean into digital platforms to communicate. But each generation brings unique abilities and understandings to the table, and finding middle ground to foster collaboration can lead to unique, innovative design solutions. Getting your crew together, communicating and collaborating can yield a powerful variety of perspectives. 

  • Knowledge and Mentorship

Sharing knowledge and experiences is a great way to nurture growth in younger talents. When you pair your younger, less experienced designers with more seasoned ones, you can create a symbiotic relationship that pushes older designers toward innovation and younger ones toward a clearer understanding of best practices and solutions when it comes to new jobs and challenges.

  • Adaptability

Each season brings new design evolutions and trends, and each generation approaches these changes in different ways. Diverse, multi-generational perspectives can yield a more balanced approach to changes, where your older employees are more familiar with adaptation and the younger ones are more prepared to position themselves as trendsetters in the field. 

  • Diverse Audience Tailoring

A staff that varies in ages will have a better ability to cater your work directly to clients. By employing people from different generational backgrounds, you’ll be able to create more inclusive, user-centric solutions that have the power to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Your diversity is your strength. 

  • Happier Employees

An inclusive, accommodating workplace is more innately inviting, and can lead to higher employee engagement and improved retention rates. When employees see that their varying backgrounds and perspectives are valued they, in turn, feel more motivated to contribute their own unique brands of creativity. Additionally, if it’s known that your work culture embraces diversity, you’ll have a leg up in attracting top talent. 


When your design firm incorporates employees from multiple generations, you’ll find yourself with an invaluable asset. Hiring people who can offer multiple perspectives and skill sets promotes mentorship and ease of adaptability. Generational diversity at your firm can lead to mentorship, better solutions and greater success in all areas of your business. 


Embracing generational diversity creates a positive, inclusive workplace where creativity thrives and talents flourish. Potential employees will appreciate your multi-generational talent pool. Current employees will thrive on the power of varying perspectives and skill sets. 


And your firm will lead the way into a brighter future. La Mesa is living proof that multi-generational hiring works. 


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