Design Unleashed: Collaborating with an Online Design Firm in the Digital Age

Our brave new world is filled with pixels and connectivity. 


It didn’t used to be this way, in fact it wasn’t for almost all of human history. We can’t safely assume ancient humans just threw rocks at each other to attract mates. 


Furthermore, ask any Gen X’er what their childhood was like, and you’ll get a walking Buzzfeed article about dial-up internet, cigarette lighters in cars and phones stuck to walls that charged by the minute.


And now we’re taking meetings with every attendee sitting in a different country! What a strange and wonderful time to be alive. And all the better for us.


Because, in the realm of online design firms, where creativity knows no borders and innovation travels through the virtual corridors, the landscape of collaboration in the digital age is astounding.


Here are some ways in which you can benefit from an online multicultural/natural/lingual company.

  • The Global Playground

You no longer have to limit your staff to a 30km radius of a big brick building. You can literally hire anyone from anywhere based solely on their merits. The same goes for clients, with many design firms (including us) working with brands from all over the world. The only connecting factor is a shared language, and the rest is pure creative solutions without the constraint of geographical boundaries. It’s thrilling!

  • New Tools

It wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago, but digital technology has become advanced enough to facilitate successful, in-the-moment communication between coworkers, clients and companies no matter where they happen to be located. With tools like Zoom and Google, distance is simply no longer an issue. These days, the only thing missing from the successful completion of a touch project is a bottle of champagne and slaps on the back.

  • Advanced Sharing

Instantaneously sharing important documents and files at the touch of a button might as well have been the waving of a magic wand in years past. Easily sending large files and jobs from one location to another has become so commonplace that we don’t even think of the wonder of it anymore. But the mere fact that you can get deliverables to your clients in an instant is an incredible time saver, not to mention a way to trim the fat from your business. 

  • Virtual Brainstorming

Need to make some time for a brainstorming sesh? All you have to do is make sure your staff is awake, available and ready to throw out some ideas. The days of sitting around a boardroom table are on the way out. The days of a quick login to an online meeting are where it’s at. The digital brainstorming room is where minds meet from afar. You don’t have to be in the same room to nurture concepts into revolutionary design concepts anymore. 

  • Time Zones

Embracing time zone diversity among your staff and clients means the potential for 24/7 progress. Once one side of the world finishes their work, another can take over with next steps. While you sleep, your designers might be awake and working on their tasks at hand. While they sleep, content creation could be in full swing. Productivity that never stops. 

  • Globally Speaking

When you have a staff from all over, you can also produce work that has the potential to speak to anyone. As each person weighs in on the ability of each product to best communicate a universal message. Creating design work that best resonates with its intended audience becomes much easier when your staff hails from everywhere. 

  • Home Office Home

With the rapid rise and ease and success of remote work, the need for a brick and mortar office building is waning equally as fast. Firms no longer feel the need to define themselves by the offices they occupy. The home office, and ways to attract and communicate with clients has become the website and social media. This is the new place of congregation. The new home. 


In the digital age, collaboration knows no bounds, and online design firms are rewriting the rules of creativity. As technology unites clients and designers across continents, the power of shared visions, real-time interactions, and virtual realities is revolutionizing the design industry. What matters now is the skill of your staff at delivering great products and services.


We hope you’re enjoying the future as your favorite Dubai-based design firm is.

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