3 Reasons why MoodBoards are helpful to conceptualize your brand
3 Reasons why MoodBoards are helpful to conceptualize your brand

3 Reasons why MoodBoards are game changers for conceptualizing your brand

Finding inspiration for a project is one thing. But channeling all these sparks of inspiration into a cohesive set of ideas is something else!

Starting a concept, a brand, or any project, is often overwhelming.

You’re sitting, you’re focused, you have your laptop in front of you, and you have the hard facts and figures. You Are Ready… but then, the first question that comes to your mind sounds something like “Sooo, where do I start now?”.

The answer is simple: Create your Moodboard.

But what is a moodboard to begin with?

A moodboard is a collage of images, material samples, color palettes, and sometimes descriptive words and typography that will guide you in your work, and help you visualize your concept better. When creating or assembling it, you really want to try to highlight your theme, color, and design direction.

By taking the time to focus on the careful creation of your moodboard, you will be saving yourself a lot of time when you start your developing process (the next step) because then you’ll have a solid base to work on. And the best part is… you get to include whatever you want and whatever you deem helpful for your project.

Still think you should skip this step?

Here are 3 reasons why you should start using moodboards:

1. To express the vision we have in mind for a project: bringing imagination to reality

Ever had an idea that you can perfectly feel and imagine in your head, but you just can’t seem to express it in words?

It happens to all of us and the solution is easy: assemble your moodboard to bring that piece of imagination to reality!

Moodboards help translate feelings, moods, ideas, or visions into something tangible. Something others can see and understand. Something you can see and adjust to your perfection.

This sets the scene for your project’s vision, allowing yourself and everyone to visualize the final product and adjust accordingly.

Just imagine yourself having a very specific idea for your wedding. Then, you try to explain to your wedding planner how you would like to organize your wedding without any visuals or samples. Just you explaining ideas… will your words be enough to express the exact idea you had in mind?

How about if you bring in pictures, materials, and color palettes?

2. To communicate our visions efficiently

In the world of creation and design, communication is key among the team members and with the clients. Whether it is to test the waters to see what they like and what they don’t, or to get constructive and direct feedback that can guide you early on in the project. Either way, communicating your vision with your team or with your clients is crucial, but to do it efficiently entails more than just verbal interaction. You will need a visual and concrete basis to work with.

A moodboard is a visually communicative tool. It brings scattered ideas into one single cohesive and compelling picture that everyone can see. When the vision is clear, miscommunications and the “back and forths” are limited between each party.

Thus, where words fail, moodboards speak … as philosophical as it sounds, it is true. For your peers, coworkers, or clients to get inspired by your project, they must be able to visualize it in their heads to form that connection with it.

So let your moodboard speak for itself, and then let it be a guide for the rest of the process.

You’ll find the communication around the project more efficient, time-saving, clarifying, and inspiring.

3. To help us focus our ideas and define the project

Once your vision and concept are set, the moodboard will act as a filter to help you focus all the ideas in the right direction. The more detailed and well-designed the moodboard is, the easier it is to narrow down the ideas that are contributing to your project.

Step by step, you’ll see your project come together and become a defined unit with a specific direction. If not, Lamesa creative fusion can help you.

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