Does your brand have what it takes?

One of the fastest growing cities in the world can be a hard place to get seen. And getting lost in the shuffle of a rapidly expanding economy can be equally challenging. New skyscrapers reach higher and higher, as if challenging the heavens to come down and touch them. Industry thrives in the Arabian Gulf and through the online air at an unbelievable pace. In this hot, arid climate, a massive city pushes the limits of human ingenuity. 


Are you ready for Dubai? Well, La Mesa is an online creative agency in the UAE, and we can attest that this city is the place to start your business, especially if you’ve got the drive and desire to see rapid growth. It’s a bustling melting pot of 3.5 million people, hundreds of cultures  and the trading hub of the Emirates. And it’s getting bigger every day! 


To become known and succeed here, your brand is going to really have to stand out. 


Your business, right from the beginning, has to set itself apart in a land where every industry faces ever-growing competition. You not only have to be unique, you have to be noticeable. With a great branding strategy, you’ll be able to differentiate your business from competitors and create a unique identity that resonates with your customers.

As a creative branding agency in Dubai, we know the importance of standing out from the crowd from the very beginning. Branding is the start of everything for a new business. It’s the foundation upon which your company is built. And, as any architect knows, everything hinges on that strong foundation. 


Your brand is your name, face and personality. It’s what attracts new customers and retains existing ones. In a city like Dubai, with its incredible array of markets and venues, your strong foundation is more than just important, it’s absolutely essential. 


So let’s explore ways unique branding can make your Dubai-based business stand out from the crowd, beginning at the beginning…

  • First define yourself

Before you can start down the branding path, you’ve gotta really know your brand. Potential customers are more likely to connect and stick with you if you’ve got a solid, unique brand identity. What’s your selling position? Who is your target audience? What’s your brand personality? And, once you have your brand clearly defined, you’ll have clearer objectives. You’ll begin to see ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Get recognizable

To stand out in a rapidly growing market, and the vast metropolis that is Dubai, your brand will need to make an impression. A strong visual identity is designed to stick in people’s minds. It must be visually appealing and consistent across various channels. A great logo communicates everything your brand stands for. Take the Emirates logo as an example. Gorgeously simple, unapologetically of its region and brilliantly red. It radiates confidence and luxury through its sheer simplicity. And, while your brand may not have the reputation of Emirates Airlines (yet), you can and should be striving to be just as recognizable. 

  • Get Local

Dubai is a city of communities, all with rich, deep histories. There is also a great deal of hometown pride for those who live and work here. Therefore, incorporating elements of this globally known locale and culture into your branding approach can be to your benefit. Getting to know your customers, and clearly communicating with them can also get your brand plenty of traction and staying power. Additionally, pulling in a group of loyal, local, discerning clients will increase your community outreach and provide a safety buffer should you choose to pursue international markets. 


Branding with local flavor will also set you apart from international competitors.

  • Be Memorable

In a city always at the cutting edge of global technological innovation, your brand has no excuse but to surf the Dubai wave. This means utilizing new and unique approaches to branding such as digital interactivity and augmented reality. Encourage ideation among your staff. Share your unique vision for your brand with your customers. This will not only present you as an innovator, it will also, due to your transparency, put your customers and potentials in a great position to build trust.

  • Connect

A solidified, unique brand has the power to reach wider audiences and, in a city as large as Dubai, your potential audience is as wide as they get. In Dubai, your consumer knows what they need and they’re expecting star treatment for their time and money. If your brand image is attractive and solidified, potential clients will take notice and return with more frequency. Your great reputation begins with your brand, but is solidified by your ability to back up its promises. 


Proper branding is important to all businesses but, in Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, that importance is magnified tenfold. The strength and innovation of a company’s branding approach contributes greatly to either success or failure. While the two aren’t mutually exclusive, a fantastic approach to branding frequently leads to benefit.


If you want your business to thrive and your brand to shine, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this task, seek out one of the leading online creative branding agencies in Dubai. You can make it here, but you’re going to have to strive for excellence full time.

Working During Ramadan – 7 Tips For Your Business

Ramadan is almost here! Is your business ready?


Because La Mesa is an online creative branding agency based in Dubai, Ramadan is an exciting month for us, and one that we know (firsthand) doesn’t have to slow down your business. 


There are also many avenues you can take to create a truly memorable experience for your staff and customers while they’re alternating between feast and famine. If we know anything about working during Ramadan, it’s this: The coming month is filled with equal parts hardship and happiness, so why not appreciate the difficulty and embrace the goodness?

Here are a few ways your business can observe and celebrate Ramadan:

  • Start Earlier/Finish Later

Prepare for Ramadan early to create a more memorable experience. You could even consider extending your celebrations after Eid, and bringing an already special time more importance and resonance.

  • Adjust Your Hours. 

Consider pushing your business hours of operation to earlier in the day, so that you can also cease operations earlier. This will maintain your business, while also letting your Muslim employees feel seen and appreciated, and give everyone time with their families. This also follows directly into the next tip…

  • Accommodate Your Muslim Employees

If you work onsite, consider allowing your employees to work from home for the month. If you have a remote business, expect plans to change from time to time, depending on how the month is going. Either way, flexible work hours and locations are a great way to appreciate Ramadan, and allow your staff to do the same.

  • Offer Iftar Meals

Many employers have started offering Iftar meals to their employees and customers, though some prefer Suhoors. You might also consider setting aside a prayer room. These acts can go a long way in building goodwill, as well as involving yourself in your community. 


If your employees work from home, you could even consider hosting a virtual Iftar and asking your staff if they’d like to share some of their experiences and traditions. 

  • Be Respectful

Unintrusive, thoughtful scheduling, as well as setting reasonable deadlines, will go a long way toward maintaining and growing your current business. Ramadan is a great time to learn about the unique traditions of your staff and community.

  • Get Yourself Involved

This month is a great time to get your business involved in the community and festivities. Visit cultural centers and involve yourself locally. Take part in some evening meals and get your business in on the fun! 

  • Get Social!

Extend greetings of the season during Ramadan with themed social media posts, as well as gifts for staff and clients. However, remember to get your discounts and promotions published early in the month so people have something to look forward to for Eid.


Ramadan is an important experience for Muslims the world over (that doesn’t have to negatively affect your business.) With so many people committed, united in spirit and of one mind; the month has potential to benefit your business in surprising ways, especially if you take the changes in stride. 


And, for branding and design agencies in Dubai, there’s no reason you shouldn’t thrive. 

What Do You Do With Mother’s Day?

It’s that time of year again! The time to celebrate the hardworking, loving mothers in our lives. 


Mother’s Day is almost here (in case your mother hasn’t already reminded you), and with it come many opportunities to show how much you care. For all the mothers who’ve impacted your life, this is the day to remind them that their tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed.


Cards and flowers and hugs and dinner are a must, for sure, but how do you celebrate Mother’s Day at your firm? Say, for instance, you’re a creative branding company in Dubai. You aren’t necessarily what is considered a prime candidate for such festivities, but you want to appreciate and capitalize on the holiday nonetheless. 


Well, lucky you! You just so happen to be the best design agency in the UAE, and you’re built specifically for times like these. So, instead of the traditional flowers and hugs, why don’t you celebrate Mother’s Day in your own unique way?

Here are some great ways for your firm to make mothers everywhere feel appreciated and loved on their special day:


  • Create a Heartfelt Video

Some mothers are far away from their children and, especially now, feeling the distance. A thoughtful video presentation from your agency will go a long way in helping mothers feel the love, while also growing feelings of appreciation for your efforts. You could record members of your staff telling stories about the mothers who have impacted their lives. Or create a slideshow of your staff’s mothers. Certainly, there are ulterior motives, and driving sales should never be far from your mind, but there is never a bad reason to show mothers they are in your thoughts.

  • Offer a Special Discount

Offering discounts on your services is always a great way to attract potential customers, but it can take on an extra meaning here. While appreciating the women who birthed and cared for us can (and should) be a year ‘round experience, a timely, celebratory discount will go a long way in showing customers that your company is committed to real life events and people.

  • Donate to a Charity

Being a mother is no easy task. And, for every mother who has a caring safety net of support around her, there is another mother who is struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. That’s why donating a portion of your proceeds or time to a great charity that supports mothers in need is a great way to positively impact your world, while also enhancing your brand’s reputation and social responsibility.

  • Host a Virtual Event

Bring together your team, friends and clients for a virtual event centered around Mother’s Day. You could do anything from a cooking class to yoga to a painting session. As long as you’re engaging with the team and members of your community in celebration of things mothers would enjoy, you’re doing great work. You’re also attracting positive attention to your business.

  • Create a Social Media Campaign 

It can be as simple as a “caption this” Instagram post with a heartwarming picture of motherhood. You could run a contest or giveaway. You could simply include hashtags like #HappyMothersDay, #ThankYouMom or #MothersDay2023. Whatever you choose, changing up your social media calendar is fun and only as complicated as you want it to be. 


If you’re a marketing and design firm, it’s already your job to get creative. So why not  leverage some of that relentless creativity into your Mother’s Day celebration? We know for certain that someone out there will be positively impacted by the decisions you make during this time. 


For this most heartfelt of holidays, a time to reflect upon the mothers in your life who have made a difference in your life, who’ve made you everything you are today, this simple act of acknowledgment can make a world of difference.


Happy Mother’s Day from La Mesa!

10 Ways To Attract Wealthy Clients (Part 2)

Design firms are forever hopeful for those big clients who bring wealth and prestige to the business they choose to work with. And your dreams for your firm should be no different!

Welcome to the final 5 of our 10 ways to attract wealthy clients to your design firm. Let’s start with the surprising one we mentioned Monday.


  • Get into sports

This one may sound unusual, until you think about how many lucrative deals have been struck on a golf course. Because golf is a 5 hour game usually played in a foursome (by people with time and money,) it’s a prime opportunity to talk shop and find some qualified leads. The same can be said for tennis academies and fitness centers. Dust off your golf shoes and work on your long game.

  • Write a blog

Regularly updating a blog that offers your thoughts on market trends, or sound industry advice, will soon see your search engine rankings rise. Don’t be discouraged if your traffic doesn’t immediately increase. If you stick with it, your view of the mountain top will become clearer and clients will start coming to you as you become more searchable. Don’t forget to inject your posts with a healthy dose of quality SEO. Consistency and regularly posting will be the key to your success here. 

  • And an ebook

This probably seems even more daunting than a blog, but having published, searchable work will really show your potential, wealthy clients you mean business. Focus on niche areas of your craft, areas where you’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience, and self-publish a short book on the subject. Typically, an electronic book is the size of a glorified pamphlet, 20-30 pages, but the work you put into it can pay back tenfold in exposure. Choose topics rich clients would be interested in, and steer clear of bland, corporate writing that feels like advertising. However, do make sure your company name and contact information are plainly visible to all buyers. 

  • Increase Value

We’ve spoken before about fairness and transparency. The same goes for your dealings with wealthy clients, only moreso. High-quality proposals that answer all considered questions. Detailed breakdowns of pricing and deliverables. Ongoing support and guidance with their jobs and business. What rich clients desire most is value for their investment, and they are willing to pay a premium for convenience.

  • Embrace the creative

The wealthy client isn’t paying for your lowest common denominator. They’re paying for uniqueness and creative solutions. They want something that speaks to and for them. Your job is to blend your best creative minds with your keen understanding of what your client wants. Really, your job is to get to know your client better than they know themselves, and deliver a product that is beyond their expectations. They’re expecting you to think outside the box.


To get and keep wealthy clients, you must be light on your feet, flexible and ready to please. You must also be true to yourself and your business. As a design firm in Dubai, one of the most affluent nations in the world, remember that these clients are at your doorstep, and making yourself attractive to them is key to reaching the top of that mountain of success. 


This is just a starting point and by no means a one-way ticket to great success and good fortune, but it is a helpful guide on your path to catching those elusive big fish. You don’t have to follow all the suggestions. You can adapt them to suit your business goals. As a fellow branding and design agency in Dubai, we want what you want and we’re pulling for you!


However, if you want to attract wealthier clients, these 10 directions can help get you there and bring in big business. 


Do you have what it takes? We think so.


10 Ways To Attract Wealthy Clients (Part 1)

You’re a great design firm. You know it. Your clients know it and love you. You also know you consistently produce amazing results. And you know you’re right on the edge of something big. 


Feels like you’re standing halfway up the mountain of success, and all you need is that one big push. That one big client with the power to give you wings and see you soar. 


You’re ready for wealthy clients, but how do you show them you’re ready? How do you attract them and impress the hell out of them?


A wealthy client usually falls in that sweet spot area with assets between $1 million and $5 million. They’re often older and set in their ways, resistant to change. If it’s worked for 30 years, why should they change it now? It’s going to take some work to convince them you’re the one they’re looking for.

Well, being the great design firm you are, it’s your job to show them why they need you. And you should. 


And you can!


Here are 5 Ways you can attract wealthy clients to your brand and business, impress them, and keep them happy.


  • Great reputation

Wealthy clients want to work with a firm that’s got a proven track record of success. They want to work with design firms that meet or exceed all deliverable deadlines. You want to build a reputation for being an agency that exceeds expectations every time. And, if you’re that good, make sure your clients are talking about you. Good word of mouth is a strong push up that mountain. 

  • Knockout service

You can’t go above and beyond for your clients without giving them everything they ask for and more. And wealthy clients expect more, because they’re paying more. They know their worth. If they’re paying top dollar, then top dollar service is what they expect in return. Make sure your team is knowledgeable, on the same page and readily available to knock your rich client’s socks off, both individually and as a group. Wealthy clients expect high quality service just as much as they expect a stellar end result to their investment.

  • Strength online

Are you more than searchable? Is your website sleek, easy to navigate and optimized for search engines? If not, get on it! The bigger and more attractive your online presence, the better your ability to snag bigger and more attractive clients. And don’t ignore social media. Humble brag on your work, engage with followers, build relationships with prospective clients, and don’t ignore the hashtags and SEO keywords in your content! 

  • Grow your network

Feeling talkative? Networking events get you in front of potential clients, and in a position to build relationships that can turn into business opportunities. Industry events, trade shows and conferences and showcase yourself. Go there ready to talk about your design firm and have examples of your work ready to present. Networking events are a great way to put a face and name to your business.

  • Flex your niche 

Specialization isn’t for everyone, but it could work for you. Focus on excelling in specific areas and become the go-to firm for what you do. If you choose to specialize in a specific area of your industry, such as UI and Interactive or Package Design, you’re speaking to your area of expertise and letting potential clients know they should come to you for their needs in your field. Wealthy clients have the freedom to pay for specific services. If you’re a leader in the area of their need, they will want to come to you.


Growing your business and getting wealthy clients doesn’t have to be daunting, takes work. However, the rewards can be astronomical for your business and cash flow.


Check back Wednesday for part 2 and the final 5 ways to get and keep big clients! 


One of them is pretty surprising (and surprisingly effective!)