10 Ways To Attract Wealthy Clients (Part 2)

Design firms are forever hopeful for those big clients who bring wealth and prestige to the business they choose to work with. And your dreams for your firm should be no different!

Welcome to the final 5 of our 10 ways to attract wealthy clients to your design firm. Let’s start with the surprising one we mentioned Monday.


  • Get into sports

This one may sound unusual, until you think about how many lucrative deals have been struck on a golf course. Because golf is a 5 hour game usually played in a foursome (by people with time and money,) it’s a prime opportunity to talk shop and find some qualified leads. The same can be said for tennis academies and fitness centers. Dust off your golf shoes and work on your long game.

  • Write a blog

Regularly updating a blog that offers your thoughts on market trends, or sound industry advice, will soon see your search engine rankings rise. Don’t be discouraged if your traffic doesn’t immediately increase. If you stick with it, your view of the mountain top will become clearer and clients will start coming to you as you become more searchable. Don’t forget to inject your posts with a healthy dose of quality SEO. Consistency and regularly posting will be the key to your success here. 

  • And an ebook

This probably seems even more daunting than a blog, but having published, searchable work will really show your potential, wealthy clients you mean business. Focus on niche areas of your craft, areas where you’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience, and self-publish a short book on the subject. Typically, an electronic book is the size of a glorified pamphlet, 20-30 pages, but the work you put into it can pay back tenfold in exposure. Choose topics rich clients would be interested in, and steer clear of bland, corporate writing that feels like advertising. However, do make sure your company name and contact information are plainly visible to all buyers. 

  • Increase Value

We’ve spoken before about fairness and transparency. The same goes for your dealings with wealthy clients, only moreso. High-quality proposals that answer all considered questions. Detailed breakdowns of pricing and deliverables. Ongoing support and guidance with their jobs and business. What rich clients desire most is value for their investment, and they are willing to pay a premium for convenience.

  • Embrace the creative

The wealthy client isn’t paying for your lowest common denominator. They’re paying for uniqueness and creative solutions. They want something that speaks to and for them. Your job is to blend your best creative minds with your keen understanding of what your client wants. Really, your job is to get to know your client better than they know themselves, and deliver a product that is beyond their expectations. They’re expecting you to think outside the box.


To get and keep wealthy clients, you must be light on your feet, flexible and ready to please. You must also be true to yourself and your business. As a design firm in Dubai, one of the most affluent nations in the world, remember that these clients are at your doorstep, and making yourself attractive to them is key to reaching the top of that mountain of success. 


This is just a starting point and by no means a one-way ticket to great success and good fortune, but it is a helpful guide on your path to catching those elusive big fish. You don’t have to follow all the suggestions. You can adapt them to suit your business goals. As a fellow branding and design agency in Dubai, we want what you want and we’re pulling for you!


However, if you want to attract wealthier clients, these 10 directions can help get you there and bring in big business. 


Do you have what it takes? We think so.


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